Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Comics, 9/28/2011

Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 – Seems weird that the first eight pages of story re-tell Kyle’s induction to the Corps, but then again Reboot. But I thought GL books won’t be affected…eh, whatever. Anyway, for some reason a ring from each of the Corps leaves its bearer and finds its way to Kyle, and various members from each Corps (Arkillo from the Sinestro Corps, Fatality from the Star Sapphires, Bleez from the Red Lanterns and Munk from the Indigo Tribe) show up to retrieve the rings. Oooh, mystery, intrigue and RINGS. But is it enough for a #1 issue?

Aquaman #1 – Ah, poor Aquaman. Always the butt of many a joke. But not this Aquaman. This reboot was actually needed, and after his return at the end of Blackest Night and the entirety of Brightest Day, DC needed to reestablish him as a premiere hero and Geoff Johns has done it again (following Hal Jordan and Barry Allen…well not so much Barry.) by making Aquaman a human being. Johns actually plays up the butt-of-jokes-talks-to-fish Aquaman and gives him CHARACTER with those characteristics dogging him. The issue sets Aquaman up as an Earth-bound hero, not just the sea. But of course, new villains from the sea pop up. THIS is more of what I want out of New52.

Amazing Spider-Man #670 – The Spider-Infection is mutating its hosts. Oh boy. And apparently that one guy everyone thought was a certain guy was really someone else. Weird. The main villain was finally revealed, and it’s a doozy. Anti-Venom’s curing the afflicted, and the X-Men are here for some reason. A new player is introduced into the mix and oh boy, that last page. I am I loving Spider-Island so far.

Avengers Academy #19 – I’m getting a bit fatigued about this storyline. I mean I love the book, but haven’t the kids been stuck in the Infinite Mansion for several issues now? Anyway, Absorbing Man is making the Infinite Mansion grow until it hits Earth. And since the Mansion is as large as a city…yep, thousands dead. The kids make tough decisions as brilliantly as the adults do. And that’s why I love them.

Pick of the Week:
Ultimates #2 – In Hickman we Trust. This was pretty much ass action, with the usual Hickman SUPER-SCIENCE to explain the vast technologies involved with the Ultimate Future Foundation/Children of Tomorrow. Reed Richards is our villain for this storyline (unsurprising because of Hickman’s ties to the FF, and what Bendis established in the Ultimate Doom trilogy) and goddamn, is Hickman writing him well. The ending is spectacular and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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