Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Comics, 9/14/11


Green Lantern #1 – Sinestro doesn’t care about the reboot so his title has none. But the Lady in Violet shows up so it’s in the combined timeline. Basically, Sinestro how has Hal’s ring and the Guardians force him to serve. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is on Earth readjusting without a ring. And he’s basically Peter Parker without the Spider-Powers. Big thing at the end that’ll make me want more.

Red Lanterns #1 – Lady in Violet appears here as well as Atrocitus embarks on a new mission…if the Red Lanterns actually listen to him, anyway. Dex-Starr’s here, so I’m obviously in this for the long haul. Sot quite sure where the other plot is going, possibly a Sector 2814/Earth Red Lantern? Or maybe that’s Dex-Starr? I’m intrigued.


Amazing Spider-Man #669 – Spider-Island’s always in high gear, and it’s fun. Here we learn Mayor J. Jonah Jameson now has the Spider-Infection and our big baddie is revealed. I guarantee you won’t guess who it is. But hey, the book’s so damn FUN. Go get it.

Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1 – Oh boy, really? Anyway, Hulk lands from his battle with Thor in FI #5 riiiiiight near where Dracula set up shop after the X-Men storyline. Gischler’s forcing a new team of Vampires called The Forgiven on us because, I don’t know…they can stop a Hammer-Powered Hulk? Who knows. Anyhoo, the issue is mostly Dracula throwing random monsters at Hulk to find his weak spot. Yep. Gischler’s still in love with Vampires and I’ve been over them since I first watched Interview with the Vampire.

Pick of the Week:

Daredevil #3 – Mark Waid has done it again. This run will define Daredevil as the Kevin Smith, Brian Bendis, Ed Brubaker and Frank Miller runs have redefined the character for different generations. Last issue, Daredevil gets captured by an echo-clone of the Klaw, who has shacked up in one of Nelson & Murdock’s Client’s buildings. This issue, he has a pretty awesome fight with Klaw. And a nice set-up for Nelson & Murdock’s future. Don’t miss this issue. Hell, get the first two issues too. They’re just that good.

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