Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Comics, 9/21/2011


Green Lantern Corps #1 – Yep, we’re back to the old status quo in GLC. Screw the reboot. Someone’s killing Green Lanterns, it’s up to the buddy cop team of Guy Gardner & John Stewart to stop the perp. Y’know, after trying to get jobs back on Earth and failing. But then they assemble a GL team and stumble on to a mystery. I like it, it’s like a police procedural show, but in SPACE.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 – Well, at least Roy Harper has his arm back. And Starfire isn’t a victim of the New52 Pants-on-girls epidemic. But damn, this was a fun boom. Mysteries! Sex! Confusion about Jason’s new buddy named Essence! That Lady in Violet again!


Generation Hope #11 – This is pretty much what happens between panels in Schism, of course focusing on the GenHope kids. They fight amongst themselves (a Schism, if you will), and the New X-Men kids show up. Oh boy, team-ups are fun! Right until a gigantic Sentinel goes straight for Utopia (as seen in Schism #4). Fun little conflicts between Hope and Laurie. I’d like to see them butt heads more often.

X-Men: Schism #4 – This was excellent. You can actually see yourself on either Wolverine or Cyclops’s side. Neither is wrong. After reading this issue, I’m fully on board with the X-Men relaunch. I was iffy about Wolverine and Scott being on opposite sides, but with what they did in this issue? I’m in.

Pick of the Week:

Daredevil #4 – As much as I loved Schism, Daredevil was just excellent (AGAIN). Nnng, that wonderful art. I love the new direction Nelson & Murdock is taking, especially with other lawyers taking the Daredevil-is-Matt thing to their advantage. The clients representing themselves with Matt and Foggy’s help is a brilliant move, and Matt still does some Daredevil-ing on the side. This issue, Matt takes on a wrongful termination case, and his client’s blind. The last page is a nice little hook for the next issue. Brilliant writing from Waid and amazing art by Marcos Martin.

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