Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Comics, 10/5/2011


Red Lanterns #2 – Last time, Bleez was talking Revolt. This issue, Atrocitus metes out punishment. I like that they’re fleshing out his character more. I see they’re turning him into Ghost Rider, except with blood vomit instead of hellfire.

Justice League International #2 – Yes, we get it, Godiva is horny. The JLI’s first mission is a bust, they regroup and Guy Gardner is angry that Ice got injured. This is pretty much a get-your-shit-together issue with Booster actually getting votes of confidence from his team.


X-Men: Schism #5 – Knock-down drag-out three-way fight between the Sentinel, Wolverine and Cyclops that was pretty damned brutal. The X-Kids actually did more good than Cyclops and Wolverine and forced them to work together. After the battle, they finally decide to part ways, and where Logan and his team of X-Men end up will brighten up a classic X-fans’ day. Certainly did mine.

Secret Avengers #17 – Got this a week late and by God, was it worth the wait. Warren Ellis is at his batshit insane best here, AND playing with the Avengers and super-spies. And a cyborg kidnapping Truck. Yep, it’s like Optimus Prime, without the Robot mode.

Pick of the Week:

Spider-Island: The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #2 – For some reason, the Bride of Nine Spiders attacked Shang-Chi last issue (probably something to do with the Spider control thing by the Queen) and he got saved by our old gal Silver Sable. I love this book so far. Exciting Kung-Fu action, SPIDERS, and everything ties in to the main storyline. And THAT LAST PAGE. Nnng. So awesome.

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