Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Comics, 10/19/2011


Justice League #2 – So yeah, Flash, Batman and Green Lantern fight Superman for half the issue. Oh, and there’s the Mother Box. At least it’s better than the incredibly decompressed first issue, yes? Shockingly, the Mother Box does something bad.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #2 – LAST ISSUE: CONTROVERSY! This issue…umm…backstory about Jason. And “let’s-put-more-clothes-on-Starfire-so-the-internet-gets-off-our-back” was hilarious. Come on, DC. Oh, and there’s Zombies. Ha.


Fear Itself #7 – EVERYTHING ENDS. The Avengers have all been given Asgardian weapons to counter the Serpent’s hammers. And I gotta say, I like a lot of the Mighty’s redesigns. There’s an insanely awesome moment with Cap, and the final battle claims a heavy casualty. This event has been pretty…spotty to say the least, but I can’t wait to read the aftermath.

Uncanny X-Men #544 – The end of an era, the last vol. 1 Uncanny X-Men issue. and it’s drawn by Greg Goddamn Land. I really do love the Kirby recap page from Uncanny #1 to serve as a send-off to the series, though. The rest of the issue…? Mr. Sinister a has a douchey pornstache. Iceman and Cyclops reminisce before Bobby leaves for Westchester, And Sinister threatens. Ooooh. Scary.

Pick of the Week:

X-Factor #226 – As much as I rag on Peter David’s propensity to cause drama for his pet characters, I really dig this actual investigation into a murder mystery. I mean sure, there’s still DRAMA, but there’s a lot less of it this issue and it works out.

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