Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Comics, 10/26/2011


Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 – So, Kyle finds himself in a conundrum: Lantern Rings from the spectrum choose him as a host, and he doesn’t know why. Representatives from each Corps fight him. At least until Saint Walker arrives and they head for Oa to seek Ganthet’s counsel…but Munk, Arkillo, Bleez and Fatality are in hot pursuit. The rings finally attach themselves to Kyle and…oh boy.

Aquaman #2 – So, some weird shit. Sea-Men (HAH) are crawling up from the deep to eat puny humans, and Aquaman and Mera reminisce until a cop calls for their expertise to find the missing half of a seaside town (attacked by the creatures). The Aqua-couple discover a cocoon full of these creatures, and after some fighting, say something about the Trench. DECOMPRESSION~


Amazing Spider-Man #627 – Spider-Island comes to a rip-roaring conclusion as Steve Rogers, freshly un-Spidered teams up with Venom while Peter and Kaine Parker (I love typing that) figure out a way to stop the Queen. With a dash of powered Mary Jane Watson to save the day. And it’s pretty awesome. This is an event done right and that’s a tall order. I enjoyed this more than Fear Itself, even. Well, there’s still a Spider-Island epilogue coming, but STILL.

FF #11 – The War of the Four Cities rages on as Ben Grimm arrives with the Avengers to help turn the tide. Ronan intends to use the two captured Evil Reeds to restore the Kree Empire…by turning them into the Supreme Intelligence. And with him comes the Kree Army. Oh shit. Hickman, you glorious bastard. Next: FANTASTIC FOUR #600.

Wolverine & The X-Men #1 – So, the dawn of a new era. Wolverine opens up the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Doop is heading Student Registry. Beast made the School. Iceman is the Bookkeeper. Gladiator sends the school Tech along with his delinquent son. Kade Kilgore introduces himself as the new Black King of the Hellfire Club and causes Logan grief by siccing a gigantic rock thing, and all on the Board of Education inspection day. Yep, the X-Men are FUN again.

Pick of the Week:

Daredevil #5 - I love how Waid’s making this Superhero thing fun again. A lot of Marvel writers are doing it right now (Hickman, Slott, Aaron, etc.) but not to the extent Waid is with Daredevil. Matt Murdock’s new client is blind, and he gets saved by Murdock’s senses. Murdock leads him to his hideout and recreates the conditions of his client’s work (including the tea he drank) to evoke memories. They stumble onto a Hydra (AND OTHERS) plot and Foggy sets Matt up on a date. Nice. I love this book so much.

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