Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Comics, 10/12/2011


Green Lantern #2 – So yeah, from last issue, Sinestro gives Hal a ring that he controls. Of course, our impulsive Hal goes off and tries to save a collapsing bridge, but Sinestro actually repairs it while saving lives, outclassing Jordan. After a brief, surprise battle, Sinestro lays out details of the plan and…wait…that’s it?! That was a really short issue. Geez.


Amazing Spider-Man #671 – Spider-Island continues and this is the reason why Slott is the best writer they could ever hope for. Mary Jane gains Spider-Powers, J. Jonah Jameson takes a bite out of crime (and Alistair Smythe), and more hell breaks loose. Oh, and Number 6 is revealed, and it’s not who you think. This issue is just jam-packed with action as the end is in sight. I’m pretty damn excited.

X-Men Regenesis (One Shot) – The way they’re dividing the X-Men makes sense (except Shadowcat and Colossus. She just got BACK.). I’m not exactly sure about the caveman framing story/analogy, but it serves its purpose. I’ll be sad to see the old UXM go, but I’m excited to see what both X-Teams do from here on in, which Is what Marvel’s banking on, anyway.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 – So, you’ve got a raging Celestial kid on your hands, driven insane by math. What do you do? Throw SCIENCE at it. It usually works. God, I love the concepts of this book. Hickman, you glorious bastard.

Pick of the Week:

FF #10 – The War of the Four Cities continues! As much as I’d love for Crystal and Quicksilver to get back together, I love what Marvel has done bringing her and Ronan together as a couple. Speaking of couples, I LOVE the scene with Reed and Sue. You may be the smartest man alive, but your wife is still smarter, Reed. It’s character moments like these (and the big concepts) that make FF the best Marvel book out there. Hickman GETS these characters. And I’m loving this entire storyline leading up to Fantastic Four #600.

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