Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Comics, 11/9/2011


Green Lantern #3 - So to recap, Sinestro is asking for Hal’s help in stopping the Sinestro Corps from taking over Korugar. Back on Oa, Ganthet, recently un-emotional again, suggests creating a third army to replace the Green Lanterns. As a failsafe if ever Sinestro needed to shut down his corps, a Green Lantern battery is needed to be placed inside the Central Battery of the Sinestro Corps. But…well, shit. That didn’t go as planned.


Point One (One Shot) – So yeah, this baby sets up next year’s storylines, with a framing story about two people infiltrating Watcher’s hideaway since the Watcher is in a fugue state once every three years for 42 minutes. Here, they observe these events: a Nova Corpsman escaping the coming of the Phoenix (now in Blue), something about a human squad called the X-Terminated in the AoA universe, Kaine leaving New York after Spider-Island and establishing himself as the new Scarlet Spider, Twins called Coldmoon and Dragonfire going after a corporation that made them - Taiji, Doctor Strange discovering a man who has seen a machine that…contains the Defenders, and the Ultron War. The two people who saw all these will use the data to give to someone called the Unseen, who will kill the Watcher. Uh-oh.

New Avengers #18 – The new Dark Avengers are gathered: Skaar, Barney Barton, Ai Apaec, Gorgon, June Covington and Superia as Hulk, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel. In addition, AIM has also recovered the Thor Clone, Ragnarok. Uh-oh. Apparently we’re marching toward the Ultron War with this, so…I’m intrigued.

Battle Scars #1 – We’re introduced to Sgt. Marcus Johnson, a soldier, who is apparently going to be one of the most important people in the Marvel Universe. At his mother’s funeral, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter apparently know who he is. Taskmaster goes after him, but is stopped by Captain America. So who is Marcus Johnson and why is he so important? I’m hooked.

Pick of the Week:

Magneto: Not A Hero #1 – Footage leaks on the Internet of a murder of an anti-mutant group by Magneto. The President has Captain America look into it. Scott Summers and Magneto arrive to say they have proof that Magneto was five states away from the incident at the time, but Cap and Iron Man have DNA evidence. Magneto uses his own Magnetosphere version of Cerebra to find the culprit and…oh my god, I am blown away by the reveal. Longtime X-Fans should be, too.

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