Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Comics, 11/23/2011


Green Lantern: The New Guardians #3 – So, Kyle just went Rainbow Lantern on us and fizzled out, destroying all the other rings except Kyle’s Green ring (which Ganthet tried to rescind but something happened to Kyle when he used the Ranbow rings) and the Orange ring which turned out to be Fake and contained Glomulous. The crew going after Kyle goes in for them, but get their asses handed to them by the Guardians when LARFLEEE DROPS BY WITH SAYD. Aww yeah.

Aquaman #3 – Undersea Humanoid People Eaters. And Aquaman and his wife are going to kick their asses. The Mer-Cannibals finally retreat and Aquaman takes a dead one to the man who trained him to use his powers to find out more about it. Oh, and this guy tried to kill him. Good times. They find out that the creature came from the Trench and…uhh…that’s it. Damn it, Johns.


Invincible Iron Man #510 – After Fear Itself, Tony stark hires Splitlip the Elf on his company. And he’s only been three days sober. And Zeke Stane and The Mandarin are working together. The Mandarin somehow found out about Tony falling off the wagon, and leaked it to the press. Oh boy.

The Mighty Thor #8 – So apparently with Tanarus’ arrival, everyone forgot Thor existed…except Loki. And Norrin Radd is getting a JOB. And apparently, Tanarus is an ILLUSION cast by Karnilla…which means Thor is still SOMEWHERE. And that somewhere? The Demogorge! Aww yeah, we’re in for a treat.

Pick of the Week:

Fantastic Four #600 – We’re thrown in a full-scale Kree invasion due to the rebirth of the Supreme Intelligence out of two of the alternate Evil Reed Richardses. The Fantastic Four and the Avengers try to save New York as the Four Cities WAR. Evil Reed has kidnapped Doom and Nathaniel Richards to Latveria. The Annihilation Wave was going to be started but OH MY GOD HUGE RETURN. We go flash back to this man’s last moments and it is revealed THIS MAN led a resistance in the Negative Zone and in a bad-ass moment, he kicked Annihilus’ ass. MEANWHILE, Black Bolt and Medusa talk Psychically because she’s the most favored wife. Bolt doesn’t know these wives. They reaffirm their love for one another as Medusa tells the Queens of the Inhumans to prepare. MEANWHILE, Reed Richards meets Galactus, who says the Earth will be “broken” and will save it because of the Galactus Seed still on it (as seen in recent issues of Thor) and warns Reed and Sue about…Franklin? Uh oh. MEANWHILE…waaaaaaaay back, Franklin created a baby universe and put it in his closet. Him and Leech have been coming to that universe to clean it up and…umm…the universe talks back. Uh oh.

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