Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Comics, 11/2/2011


Red Lanterns #3 – So yeah, Atrocitus is giving Bleez more intelligence so he can have someone to help him rein in the other Red Lanterns. After a quick blood bath, Atrocitus brings Bleez to her home planet to kill those who led her to the Sinestro Corpsman who ripped her wings off. And sort of regrets his decision. I’m impressed, this actually felt like a whole issue instead of just a decompressed issue like the past two were.

Justice League International #3 – Booster Gold has a plan to stop the giant thingies that are threatening to destroy the Earth and just maybe regain his cred as the leader of the JLI. And of course things go wrong. Our villain is called Peraxxus, apparently. I am very sad it is not Manga Khan.


Uncanny X-Men #1 – So, Sinister will have something to do with the Dreaming Celestial. Uh-oh. Our new Uncanny field team is Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, Namor, Storm, Colossus, Magik, Hope and Danger. And back to Sinister, somehow he’s gotten control of the Dreaming Celestial and Cyclops’ new Extinction Team as he termed it is on the case. And they’re not doing well against a Celestial-powered Sinister. I’m intrigued, Gillen. Continue.

Avengers Academy #21 – There are some new recruits at Avengers Academy, and all of them are familiar. But…the old kids kind of resent it, but they get new full-time students in the new White Tiger and Julie Power. Hawkeye joins the teaching staff, and…umm…someone kills Jocasta. OH THAT LAST COUPLE OF PAGES. I’m in for the long haul.

Pick of the Week:

Amazing Spider-Man #673 – It’s the aftermath of Spider-Island and everybody’s naked. Aww yeah. And some revelations about MJ last issue have threads throughout this one. Madame Web informs Kaine that he miiiiiiiiight need the Stealth Suit he borrowed from Pete last issue. Oh, and a BREAKUP HAPPENS. Oooh, drama. And apparently because of Pete’s admission that he also has Spider-Powers from a few issues ago over the Internet no less, the spell Doctor Strange cast has weakened, and any sleuthy person can now find out Peter Parker’s identity as Spidey. COMPLICATIONS. But Mayor Jameson actually does Spidey a solid at the very end and we’re all good.

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