Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Comics, 11/16/2011


Justice League #3 – LAST ISSUE: STAR Labs exploded in a burst of Mother Box and so did Victor Stone. THIS ISSUE: Wonder Woman fights some Parademons and joins Supes, GL, Flash and Batman. Meanwhile, Victor Stone’s dad puts Apokalyptian technology on him and AQUAMAN HAS ARRIVED TO KICK SOME ASS. This was waaaaay more action-packed than the last two issues combined.

Green Lantern Corps #3 – So yeah, Guy Gardner and John Stewart bring a bunch of Lanterns to investigate some murders and they get overpowered. Good thing they’ve got the entire corps as backup. But the teleporting guy didn’t get all the Lanterns. So John Stewart and a handful of Lanterns are now up against an army of guys who actually use Willpower, too.


Avengers #19 – It’s team-building time, right when Norman Osborn is rebuilding his Dark Avengers. Daisy Johnson (of Secret Warriors fame) is investigating Norman’s escape, Our new fighting Avengers are: Captain America, Iron Man, Red Hulk, Hawkeye, Vision, Spider-Woman, Daisy Johnson/Quake, Noh-Varr/Protector and Storm. And who interrupts the Avengers unveiling press conference than Norman Osborn himself. This won’t end well.

Avengers Academy #22 – I love how Magneto helps with the Jocasta murder mystery just because Hank wasn’t among the Avengers who wanted to kill Wanda. Nice little reunion between Quicksilver and his father. And of course it doesn’t go well, so YAY FIGHTY TIME. They eventually stop and Magneto informs them that of the power sets of the faculty and students, the culprit isn’t among them. And Finesse finally meets Magneto for the first time and decides his way of teaching isn’t for her, and requests Quicksilver’s way instead. Nice.

Pick of the Week:

Amazing Spider-Man #674 – THE VULTURE IS BACK! And the Kingpin is angry that his Hand army doesn’t have Spider-Powers anymore. BUT WHAT’S THIS? He has a mole in Horizon Labs with a Spider-Sense jammer. Uh-oh. Apparently, there are a bunch of new Vultures burglarizing high-rise apartments. I like Vulture’s new look. HE PIMPIN’ NOW. Out with the green, in with the black.

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