Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Comics, 12/7/2011


Justice League International #4 – So, the villain of our first arc is called Peraxxus. Very 90’s DC. Although I expected a new, more New52ish design for Manga Khan. Alas. Guy Gardner fights him while the entire team has been captured. Peraxxus teleports the entire team underground and Godiva’s still a whore while using her hair to look for Batman’s Laser. Peraxxus is a miner who wants to break Earth apart to take its minerals. That’s when Godiva stops molesting Batman and frees the team with the laser…and they’re too late as Peraxxus starts the fragmentation process. Well, that’s that.

Red Lanterns #4 – So, after getting memories of Bleez telling Skallox, Ratchet and Zilius to “Kill Atrocitus. We Must”. So, Atrocitus throws the three into the sea of blood for them to relive their memories and they ask for clemency and gain some level of intelligence. Atrocitus still distrusts Bleez and goes to speak to Krona’s Corpse…which has now mysteriously disappeared. Also, the subplot of Earth’s Red Lantern continues.


Defenders #1 – When last we saw the Defenders, they were She-Hulk, Krang, Damion Hellstrom and Nighthawk. Supposedly their mini would lead into something huge, but it never panned out. Here, Nul, the Asgardian being who possessed Hulk, is free from the Hammer and causing much chaos. Dr. Strange recounts Hulk visiting him, needing help. Strange and Hulk seek out Namor and the Surfer. Hulk says he can’t fight Nul because he can’t risk merging with it again. He recommends Red She-Hulk. Once they convince her, they enlist Iron Fist’s help. Nul is heading for Wundagore Mountain and that’s never good news. And yep, Iron Fist’s plane blows up and Prester John and the Ani-Men appear. Uh-oh.

X-Factor #228 – So, uhh…Peter David just killed Madrox last issue. Well, BLOODBATH did, but we really know who did it. And he’s been pwning our merry team pretty hard. Except he jumps in Jamie Madrox’s dead body and Layla performs an exorcism taught to her by Doom. But it’s too late, because she can’t bring Jamie back to life. Why? HE’S IN THE FUTURE~

Pick of the Week:

Amazing Spider-Man #675 – Carlie and Peter (as SPIDER-MAN) break into the Morgue so Carlie can examine the Vulture Gang’s victims. Speaking of the Vulture Gang, Adrian Toomes and the gang plan a mid-air heist of a valuable coin collection. Too bad their hideout is a nightclub where Mary Jane is in. Carlie and Peter do some good detective work and links the three victims to a nightclub. Peter gets MJ’s call and confirms the nightclub’s name as the Wake, as in Wake of Vultures. Spidey heroes off and Carlie follows him on foot. Spidey saves one of the Vultures who pocketed two coins from the heist and heeeeeeeere we go. Spidey, with Carlie’s help, brings down the Vulture Gang with magnetic webs. Toomes gets away and Carlie starts to talk to MJ. Exes talk. Oh boy. this does not bode well for Pete.

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