Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Comics, 12/21/2011


Green Lantern Corps #4 – Last time, a handful of Lanterns (including John Stewart) were left behind to fend off the Keepers while Guy Gardner tries to interrogate one of them. Luckily, his old pal (although they don’t know each other anymore DAMN YOU NEW52!) Martian Manhunter lends a helping hand and we learn that the Power Batteries have Keepers, who are these fellows. And they’re coming for the central power battery on Oa. Oh dear.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #4 – So Jason and Roy get arrested for a bar fight, having been led to that town by clues to The Untitled. Starfire tries watching over them but gets attacked by someone who looks like an alien named Crux. Meanwhile, Jason and Roy subdue the female police officer only to find that SHE is an Untitled and yay fighty time. Back with Starfire, Crux explains his origins a little too long and Starfire gets the upper hand, but is blasted by an attack by Crux’s Tameran technology which apparently gives her human emotion. Jason prepares for another round with the Untitled.


Daredevil #7 – So, Murdock’s taking some blind kids to a lodge and they get into an accident and we flash back to the Christmas party days earlier, and we’re back to Murdock Daredeviling it up and leading the kids away from the accident. In the cold. In the course of the trek, Daredevil passes out and the kids build a sled and take him to a nearby farmhouse where he calls the cops and they’re all rescued. What a nice feel-good ending until the ominous last page.

Amazing Spider-Man #676 – THE SINISTER SIX ASSEMBLE. Doc Ock is on his last legs and gets a major tech upgrade to pull off one final job. And for that job, they need to steal the Intelligencia’s Zero Cannon (which can hurl anything into orbit). And it’s an all-out Supervillain brawl as the Six battle the Intelligencia. And it’s not going well for the Intelligencia as the Six outmaneuver them and DESTROY the Zero Cannon. Ock promises to take over the world in 2012.

Pick of the Week:

Fantastic Four #601 – We get our feel-good moment when Johnny Storm arrives and THROWS THE CLASSIC FOUR SYMBOL IN THE AIR. Everything’s gonna be all right. Supremor readies the Nega-Bombs as Ronan refuses to go with it and leaves with Crystal. The Fantastic Four reunite and Johnny uses the Cosmic Control Rid to summon the Annihilation Wave to try and stop the Kree armada. And the Inhumans drop by to help even the odds a bit and the earth-bound heroes have a new crisis: Debris. Reed Richards calculates that winning may be moot because if it keeps up, there won’t BE an Earth to come back to. Oh boy.

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