Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Comics, 12/28/2011


Aquaman #4 – So Aquaman and Mera have found the creatures’ nest, which is apparently an old Atlantean ship. Aquaman and Mera find the missing townspeople stored in cocoons to feed the creatures’ queen. So what does Aquaman do? Trigger a volcanic eruption in the trench and seal it off, of course. The people are saved, Aquaman gets a dog, and the next issue blurb promises, no THREATENS to reveal why Atlantis sank. So, that's our first arc and it was...not what I'd expect out of Geoff Johns. Basically, it was all people don't take Aquaman seriously even though he does all this amazing stuff, and it took four issues to establish that...why?

Green Lantern – New Guardians #4 – Larfleeze and Sayd have arrived and you best believe it’s Clobbering Time. The fight doesn’t have a clear winner, but Sayd promises to Kyle to help him find out why the rogue rings chose him. Munk teleports everyone out but Arkillo refuses to leave the fight. Saint Walker uses the blue ring to give Arkillo his tongue back. He tries to give Bleez her mind back, but she flees. Sayd tells Rayner of the force that tried to steal the rings and drew them to him, and it led her to a massive solar system-sized ship called the Orrery and that’s our destination for the next issue. I'm still in this for the long haul, especially Sayd's new motivation to get the old Ganthet back. I like this rainbow team with the exception of Saint Walker, who we know of already. Why not Brother Warth? He hasn't been established all that well.


FF #13 – Val and Evil Reed open up the way to the former Council of Reeds and now headquarters of some very angry Celestials. Kristoff, Doom, Evil Reed, the Kids and Nathaniel go through the portal and Evil Reed finally frees Doom. Franklin tries to heal the Celestials with his powers but manages to mark himself a threat. Everyone escapes through the portal, but Doom remains to make sure Evil Reed pulls the trigger on the Ultimate Nullifier. I love how this is basically a .5 issue to the FF series, filling in the blanks yet still retaining its identity as the Smart Kids book. I really love how Hickman has been writing Doom, especially with the last page giving us a glimpse of the old Doom we know and love, and yet retaining that air of arrogance even while concerned about his goddaughter Valeria.

Secret Avengers #20 – So, Steve Rogers, War Machine and Sharon Carter die and Rhodey leaves Black Widow with a time-traveling device. Oh boy. So we time-jump all over the place, finding out where Black Widow’s time-travel device came from and preventing Steve, Rhodey and Sharon’s deaths.While I hate Time Travel stories, I like this because I'm biased towards Ellis' writing. It's a clever way to play into Black Widow's slowed aging and the whole changing-history-while-NOT-changing-history thing Warren did this issue. Fun, fun issue. It's just sad next issue is his last, but since he's limiting his Comic projects for now, it's nice to get more Ellis.

Pick of the Week:

Avengers – The Children’s Crusade #8 – Dr. Doom gets Wanda’s reality-warping powers though SHENANIGANS. Doom refuses to give the power up and sends Wanda and the kids home. The X-Men and Avengers debate Wanda’s fate and Wiccan throws the hypocrisy of harboring Magneto and former criminals in their faces and yet wanting to kill Wanda for what she did. Doom arrives and offers everyone what they want as long as they bow to him. So yes, FIGHTY TIME. Wanda and Wiccan open up a portal and Victor’s power drains. He flees, but not before hinting that he’s behind No More Mutants. And there is a casualty. I wasn't sold on Children's Crusade for the first six issues (way too slow a build) but once Doom goes all Beyonder on us again, things kicked into high gear. Wiccan's speech about the hypocrisy of both the Avengers and the X-Men was brilliant and goes to show Heinberg really knows these characters in and out. As for the casualty...well, never say die in the Marvel Universe. But with next issue being the last and it leading directly to the Avengers vs. X-Men event next year, you never know.

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